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why sunnies

How can I give myself a proper mental break!?

this question had been troubling us for a long time! Between e-mails, texts, video calls, and now quarantine, we felt like we were constantly getting sucked into something or the other. our minds were always racing, and we felt a little lost at sea.

so we came up with sunnies, a way to take a moment for yourself, feel better, and relax.

  1. it's really easy. you don't have to do anything but tear open the package and put it on. you can't mess it up.

  2. it feels good! it really does. 15 minutes of warmth and steam over your eyes will make you feel new and refreshed.

  3. it works. your eyes will feel rested and rejuvenated afterwards. 

  4. it forces you to relax. it's a mask that covers your eyes. you literally cannot do anything else while you're using it.

that's it.

no pseudo-science about cannabanoids, adaptogens, magnesium supplements, or any of that nonsense.

just a product that works and feels good.

take your eyes to the beach.