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the details

how do they work?

each eye mask works with the same basic technology as hand warmers. they contain an iron powder mixture + some water to create steam.

how a self-heating eye mask works

this is what happens:
  • once the package is opened, oxygen from the air reacts with the iron.
  • this chemical reaction produces heat. safely.
  • in a few minutes, the mask will heat up to approx. 100 °F.
  • it will stay warm for about 15-20 minutes.

it's safe and effective.
and you don't have to do anything but open it and put it on.

how do I use them?

  1. tear open the package.
  2. separate the perforated ear loops (Note: there are two fabric ear loops that you can gently pull open, Some people don't see them at first!)
  3. Loop the straps over your ears (Note: unlike elastic straps, our fabric straps will not make your ears sore over time. They look a little funny, but are way more comfortable).
  4. sit back and relax. the masks take a couple minutes to get to their peak temperature and they last from 15-30 minutes!

when you're done you can fall asleep with them on or take them off and toss them in the recycling (or if you're like me, you toss it on the floor of your bed and pick it up the next morning... maybe).

what are they made out of?

iron powder, water, salt, vermiculite, activated carbon, and non-woven fabric (polyester)

what about shipping and returns?

shipping is free on all orders. for now, we are only available in the United States.

we have a 30-day return window for unopened boxes, but we cannot accept returns for opened boxes (e.g., shrink wrap is removed) due to health and safety conditions in today's world.

if you ever have an issue, just write to us at and we will solve your issue.