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be more present immediately. 5 tips.

If you're trying to be more present in your daily life, one thing you can of course do (and should!) is grab a pair of sunnies and take 15 minutes for yourself.

But, we’ve also created a list of some other quick things you can implement in your life immediately to help you be more present and less distracted. 

  1. Buy an alarm clock.
    It might sound a little old fashioned, but it can really change your life. The first thing most of us do in the morning is check our phones. We reach over to turn off our alarms and immediately start catching up on social media, e-mails, texts, and news. Switching to an alarm clock will help you break the habit of checking your phone first thing in the morning. You can wake up on your own terms, with no immediate distractions! 
  1. Move your TV out of your bedroom.
    We all love to “Netflix & chill” and sometimes there is nothing better than lying in bed and watching hours of our favorite shows. But having that TV stare at you from across your bedroom is constant temptation. Instead, leave it in your living room or common room and keep your bedroom as your oasis. It will help you create a better nightly routine. Plus, if you need to cheat from time to time, you can always grab your laptop! 
  1. Don’t charge your phone next to your bed.
    This one is simple. Instead of leaving your phone to charge by your bedside, plug it in somewhere farther away. If you can’t reach for it from bed, you won’t!
  1. Practice leaving your phone behind throughout the day.
    We all know that odd feeling of discomfort when we forget our phones behind. It’s like a phantom limb – we reach for it, we check our pockets, we just can’t help but notice that it's not there. Practice the habit of leaving it behind on purpose for short trips. For example, leave it behind when you’re going for a walk, or to the bathroom, or to a short meeting. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but after 10 minutes or so, you won’t miss it. 
  1. Walk & talk.
    I’ll be honest, sometimes when I'm talking to someone on the phone, I'm also simultaneously scrolling through Instagram! I'm sure I'm not the only one. We don't always give 100% of our attention to the people we are speaking with. Plus with everyone using headphones nowadays, it has become even easier. To help be more engaged on the phone, try walking or pacing as you talk. You won't be able to scroll through the news or Instagram, and you'll get in some extra steps!